Finnair x Marimekko


Iconic design company Marimekko’s new partnership with Finnair


Marimekko tableware in Business class

We always wish that airlines would add a little more design fun into the in-flight experience (we’re still desperate to fly on that Eva Air Hello Kitty plane!). The never ending economic tightrope walk of the aviation industry shouldn’t necessarily mean a drab approach to interiors and soft product. Which is why we were delighted to hear that Finnair is partnering with Marimekko from spring 2013, bringing the brand’s distinctive modernist prints to everything from plane exteriors to teapots. Marimekko was launched in Finland in 1951, and sells in 40 countries worldwide – it’s a true national treasure, so the tie-up with Finnair makes perfect sense.

Two of Finnair’s long-haul aircraft will sport livery based on Marimekko designs.  An Airbus A340 featuring Maija Isola’s iconic Unikko floral print from 1964 is already operating between Helsinki and Finnair’s Asian destinations, to be followed by another early in 2013.

Marimekko Unikko print on a Finnair A340

”We hope that Marimekko’s sympathetic Unikko poppy flowers flying up in the sky as well as our other iconic prints as a part of the in-flight experience bring joy to people around the world,” says Mika Ihamuotila, Marimekko CEO. “Lately, we have wanted to connect Marimekko’s colourful design and fashion with surprising parties and forms of art, such as ballet, modern dance or visual arts. Now it is time to do something unforeseen up in the sky. I believe that the Marimekko and Finnair design collaboration will bring to hectic and often grey air travel joy, peace of mind and beautiful memories.”

During the three-year collaboration, an exclusive selection of Marimekko design products are also available for Finnair customers in in-flight sales and the Finnair Plus Shop.;