WE ARE CIVILIAN: Civilian is contemporary, intelligent, inspiring, luxe, provocative, witty, offbeat, literary, human… and largely in the first person.

If you insisted on the utmost brevity, we’d identify ourselves as a luxury travel magazine. But, while many magazines execute “luxury publishing” superbly and intelligently, and many of our writers – and readers – are very much a part of that world, we feel that there’s room for something that embraces individuality and irreverence. Many of our writers are internationally renowned journalists; others are fiction writers, or musicians, or painters. We are a collection of disparate voices, scattered around the world.

We don’t believe that gold-plated yachts define luxury. You don’t have to be supremely wealthy to appreciate good design, fine art or food. Sometimes there’s an element of democracy with luxury, and your personal relationship with it is what counts. As Andy Warhol said: “A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke.” Sometimes luxury is about precious time memorably spent.

We hope to inspire, inform and entertain you. And we’d love to hear from you. You’ll notice that there is no facility to leave comments at the end of our features. This was a decision that was made in the very first Civilian meeting. We are a digital publication, but we are not a blog. We will, however, run readers’ letters on a regular basis. So get in touch by email with your thoughts and discoveries.

Our stories are frequently longer than in  many web publications. We are as driven by text as we are by images. If you’re looking for “best beach” lists, celebrities or a bunch of picture galleries, then this isn’t the place. Similarly, we take good fashion design seriously, but Civilian will never be – as so many publications are – the fashion industry talking to itself.

There’s a line in the film Funny Face: “A magazine must be like a human being. If it comes into the home, it must contribute. It can’t just lie around. A magazine must have blood and brains and pizzazz.” Whether you are reading this at home, at the office or inflight, we hope you’ll find us authoritative, smart, and with plenty of pizzazz.


Mark C.O’Flaherty has been a writer and photographer for the last 20 years, for some of the most influential publications around the world. His work in travel, the arts and design has appeared regularly in the Financial Times, HTSI, New York Times, Sunday Times and AD.



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